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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Remarque oenologique

(English below)

L'Ontario ne vend pas de vin en dehors des LCBO, mais il y a quelques comptoirs de vins canayens dans certains supermarchés assez grands. Juste pour changer du Inniskillin, on s'est acheté un "merlot" de Naked Grape. Ben, selon le point de vue, c'est soit l'équivalent ROC (Colombie-Britannique, Alberta, Ontario et Nouveau-Brunswick) de "Notre Vin Maison" (attention: site prétentieux), soit l'équivalent pas Australien du Yellow Tail (qui, comme la mayonnaise, est "bon" parce qu'il ne goûte rien).


In Ontario, wines are usually only sold in LCBO's but some larger supermarkets also have little wine counters filled exclusively with Canadian (possibly Ontarian only) wines. Just to try something different than the usual Inniskillin (best Ontarian wines we've had so far, especially their rosé), we bought a "merlot" from Naked Grape. Now that we've sampled it, we can safely say, that, depending on where you're from (I'm looking at you, Norm), it's either the Rest of Canada (well, 4 provinces out of 9 ain't bad) equivalent of "Notre Vin Maison", or the non-Australian answer to Yellow Tail (which, like mayonnaise, is "good" because it has no taste whatsoever).

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