Un bleuet loin du fjord

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Deux morceaux de robot...

(English below)

...à celui ou celle qui identifiera le rapace pris en photo (en bas complètement) grâce à mon super cellulaire qui me sert de piètre appareil photo.

Ah oui, Hakim Optical a cessé d'utiliser ses annonces de Noël hier, soit le lendemain de ma remarque. Voyez l'influence de mon blogue!


Two pieces of robots (I know the reference is lost to you anglos and to the youngins) to anyone who can identify the bird of prey I saw on the way back from school. The picture (taken with my cell phone which, as cool as it is, ain't so great as a digital camera) is below.

Oh and Hakim Optical switched from their Xmas to their regular winter ads the day after I mentioned them on my blog. Coincidence? I think not ;).

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